The Martin's Day 2017

Masking and mask parade, dancing and singing together with folk groups, creative and useful workshops, exhibition of roosters, craftsmen, horseback riding, games of old and delicious Martin's Day treats from "Mārtiņa Beķereja".


The Eve of the Dead Souls

"The Eve of the Dead Souls" at Hernhuter’s house is a tradition on this Eve and was celebrated by singing in honor of our ancestors together with folk group "Grodi", “Garataka” and “Mālis” while hosts of "Priedes krogs" prepared a special porridge for the spirits.


The Autumn Harvest Festival 2017

Seasonal goods from Latvia, works by local craftsmen, various activities for gourmets, workshops and game playing for little ones, a concert within The Katlakalns IV International Folklore Festival RUDENĀJI - 2017 and of course - the pumpkin soup.


The Crafts Day. The Day of Games and Pastimes

"The Crafts Day. The Day of Games and Pastimes" on September 3 gathered craftsmen from the entire Latvia and introduced visitors to local sheep breeding and pig farming traditions. Children were invited to take part in exciting games and to play outside together with folklore groups.


Contemporary Crafts Festival 2017

Contemporary Crafts Festival 2017 on August 5 & 6 gathered more than 120 craftsmen and 30 home-based food businesses as well as guests from the Baltic Sea region.


The Anna's Day 2017

In former times, mistresses were honored on the Anna’s day, and it was called the day of mistresses. On July 23 in the fisherman’s house “Vītolnieki” in Ķoņu village of Pape, Rucava Municipality, Annas were honored and a banquet in honor of Annas was held. Anna's Day also held a meeting of Pape's inhabitants and friends.


Bread Celebration 2017

The celebration of bread on July 23 demonstrated traditional works as grain grinding, mill and threshing and invited our guests to try freshly baked rye bread and other delicious meals made out of grain.


Joint work in open-air museum


Easter in the Open-Air Museum


The opening of the Liepaja harbour warehouse