The 48th Latvian Folk Applied Arts Fair

This year The Fair gathered more than 520 craftsmen, 170 food and catering companies and 21 dance and music performances from all historical regions of Latvia and abroad.


The Night of the Museums 2018

On a May evening, the museum filled up with a special atmosphere when children’s games and pastime in the meadow of Kurzeme fishing village and agility relay races for families woke the joy of spring and vernal breath in nature and people.


Summer season opening

Photo memories from The Summer season opening on May 1, when after the winter houses and farms opened their doors to guests again and craftsmen delighted visitors with demonstration of various handicraft skills. This year we celebrated 50 years of Vidzeme potter’s workshop–kiln “Čipati” being in the museum.


The Big Cleanup 2018


Meet your Master! 2018

‘Meet your Master! 2018’ was a chance to meet Latvian craftsmen and learn more about their knowledge and skills. On these days visitors were invited to find out how to make wooden spoons, candles, clay whistles, how to knit and weave, how to play old field games and bake a traditional Latvian bread in an ancient oven. Photo by Reinis Oliņš, courtesy of Latvian National Centre for Culture.



Easter at the museum represented the intertwining of folklore, modern and Christian traditions, staring the day with a service in Usma church and continuing with dying eggs and swinging on swings. This day was full of songs, games, customs and "driving away of birds" under the guidance of folklore groups. At the “Priedes Pub” gourmets were delighted by the variety of traditional dishes, but those interested in local crafts were able to visit craftsman fair.



Traditionally this day was the celebration of spring equinox – a time when the Sun has climbed celestial mountain so high that daytime and night-time are equal length. On The Great Day there were several essential customs that are loved and demanded by everyone - egg dyeing and swinging on swings. On this day everyone was also be able to play many ritual outdoor games and sing together with folk music group "Skandinieki".


Celebration of Shrovetide (Metenis)

Metenis is the herald of spring and beginning of a new year, as well as the most cheerful holiday of the year and the most popular time for mummeries. On this day museum was filled with masks, dancing and playing together with folk groups, everyone will be offered a chance to visit candle maker's and blacksmith's workshops, go horseback riding and try delicious Metenis' treats.



In the middle of winter, Museum is turned into a fairyland of ancient farmsteads with lights glimmering in the small windows of farmhouses, inviting to imagine how life was celebrated by our ancestors.


The Winter Solstice or Yule Log Eve

The Winter Solstice or Yule Log Eve is celebrated on the shortest day and the longest night of the year. As in old times, to ward off the darkness, cold, last year's mishaps, bad work and thoughts, people roll the Yule Log from one farm to another and eventually burn it. Burning of the Yule Log symbolizes the beginning of a new solar year and the Sun itself. At the museum it is time for masking, creative workshops, dancing and singing together with folk bands and, of course, rolling and burning the log. Photo: Robyn Von Swank