Fisherman farmstead "Vītolnieki"

“VĪTOLNIEKI” RURAL EXHIBITION OF THE OPEN-AIR MUSEUM IN RUCAVA The fisherman’s homestead “Vītolnieki” is exhibitions of the Open-air Museum in Pape Ķoņu Village of Rucava municipality. The museum preserves, researches and popularises a classic fisherman-farmer’s homestead of a seaside village, where in addition to the national building values one can view fisherman’s tools, clothes, household items, as well as a more than 1100 year-old boat. Buildings that have been conserved in the homestead are a dwelling house, a cattle-shed, a stable, a barn – all under one roof; a pigsty, a cellar, a smithy, a bath-house, a summer kitchen and barn.

Branch museum Vītolnieki: Open from May 1 to October 1, 10AM - 5PM (we kindly ask to book your visit in advance by calling +371 29262283). Free entrance.

Last update 10.03.2023