Main entrance: Brīvdabas street 21, Riga, LV-1024, Riga, Latvia    
Museum's administration: Bonaventuras street 10, LV-1024, Riga, Latvia

Phone: +371 67994510; e-mail: Please turn on Javascript to see email address! Booking of guided tours and information about events: +371 67994106 or Please turn on Javascript to see email address!
Ticket office:  + 371 67994515

Acting Director Arnis Radiņš arnis.radins@ +37167227429
Public Relations
harita.manina@ +37128360142
Deputy Director dr.hist. Mārtiņš Kuplais



Deputy Director

Kristīne Kūla

kristine.kula@ +37129119546
Deputy Director Ģirts Vīgants girts.vigants@ +37127855543
Head of Ethnography 
Aija Jansone aija.jansone@ +37167994238
Head of Collection 
Daina Kraukle daina.kraukle@ +37167994174
Head of Restoration 
Una Bērziņa una.berzina@ +37167994510
Head of Information and Education
Igors Ziemelis igors.ziemelis@ +37128665797
Accounting Department Solvita
gramatvediba@ +37167994510
Technical Department Artūrs Grīns arturs.grins@ +37167994510
Data protection specialist Jevgeņijs Jarosovs jevgenijs.jarosovs@ +37129534482

Opening hours:

Winter season October 1st – April 30th

Every Day from 10AM till 5PM (Kurzeme farmstead and Kurzeme fisherman’s house Lurķi is open; all other interior expositions are closed and visiting the museum as a park is available).

In February and March the museum is open from Wednesday till Sunday.
The museum is closed on Januray 1st; June 23rd and 24th; November 18th; December 24th, 25th un 31st.

Summer season May 1st – September 30th

Every day from 10AM till 8PM (after 5PM interior expositions are closed and visiting the museum as a park is available)

It is mandatory to wear a facemask while visiting the indoor expositions at the Museum!

Branch museum Vēveri: Vecpiebalga district LV-4122 phone no. +371 29364806 (Open every day from 10AM - 5PM, we kindly ask to book your visit in advance)

Branch museum Vītolnieki: Rucava district LV-3477 phone no. +371 29262283 (Open in summer season - 1st May - 30th September)

Museum online:
e-mail: Please turn on Javascript to see email address!  
twitter: @brivdabasmuzejs
instagram: @brivdabasmuzejs


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