News on Harbor warehouse

Dismantling the old wiring in Harbor warehouse


According to the Harbor warehouse restoration program we have started the preparation for it – the qualified museum stuff is dismantling the old wiring in the Harbor warehouse. Currently a project for safety and electrical installation is being developed.

The preproject Nr.EEZLV04 / INP / 2013/4 „Ostas noliktavas restaurācija Latvijas Etnogrāfiskajā brīvdabas muzejā” (Restoration of the Harbor Warehouse in The Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia) project implementation within the EEA Financial Mechanism Norwegian Financial Mechanism program “Conservation and Revitalization of Cultural and Natural heritage” has begun its preparations for a successful implementation of this project with new electrical and safety equipment being installed at the warehouse.




Pēdējoreiz atjaunināts:21.05.2016