The XXVI Latvian Song and XVI Dance Celebration. Folklore Day "Build Tall Doors for the Bride"07.07.201812:00 — 18:00

All day long Kurzeme, Vidzeme and Zemgale farmsteads will be filled with marriage and wedding songs from all the regions of Latvia. Folk groups and ethnographic ensembles will gather in farmsteads and greet the visitors with singing, playing and dancing, and it is very likely that they will offer some traditional wedding treats from their region.

In Latgale farmstead, a Latgalian wedding will be celebrated - with a real bride and groom, accompanied with the bride's dressing at home, the arrival of the bridegroom, going to church, wedding gates, singing, capping ceremony, dancing of the wreath, dividing dowry, dancing and other wedding activities. And, of course, with the wedding table, which will be set by wedding hostesses from Latgale, because a Latgalian wedding is cheerful and loud - to make the future life of the new couple happy and joyful.

Organized in cooperation with the Latvian National Centre for Culture.

Last update 01.03.2018