The 51st Latvian Folk Applied Arts Fair03.06.2023 — 04.06.202309:00 — 17:00

The Ethnographic open-air museum of Latvia will host its traditional fair on June 3rd and 4th. This year it will happen for the 51st time. The goods will be offered by more then 530 different craftsmen, food and cosmetics home manufacturers, book publishers and caterers. There will also be a wide culture program.

Similar as singers and dancers are gathering to the Latvian Nationwide Song and Dance Festival, craftsmen and masters of folk applied art are gathering each year from all parts of Latvia to show their skills, share experience and catch inspiration for future projects. The annual fair of the Ethnographic open-air museum of Latvia has an important place in Latvian cultural space and it has always been a crucial strengthener of the nation’s self-awareness.

Historically, fairs are not just a trading place, but it is a combination of many different events. In addition to the wide trading, there will be activities and various events in the Ezermala meadow, you will be able to view at the potter working at Kurzeme potter's kiln. By the Liiv farmstead demonstrations of potter, scalding and wool spinning crafts will happen, but on the stage next to the West gate theater performances will happen on both dates.

Saturday, June 3rd, at 10.00 the market area of the museum will host the opening of the Latvian Ethnographic open-air museums annual fair with the participation of the bands Suitu sievas and Suitu dūdenieki. At 11.00 you’ll be able to see the potters kilt being opened and pottery being taken out. At the Ezermala meadow the market festivities with Iveta and Vidvuds Medenis will have been started, where Rīgas danči (Rīga), Suitu sievas and Suitu dūdenieki (Kuldīga district), ethnojoy band “Ogas” (Rīga), "Teikas muzikanti" (Rīga) and “Dziga” (Rēzekne) will be performing. On the stage next to West stage from 11.00 to 15.00 play of Jānis Jaunsudrabiņš “Jo pliks, jo traks” will be performed by study of Iļģuciems culture study “Rampa”.

Sunday, June 4th, from 11.00 market festivities, hosted by Iveta and Vidvuds Medenis, will continue. Performers will be the men folklore band “Vilkači” (Rīga), folklore band of Lielvārde “Josta” (Ogre district), “Tarkšķu mandolīnisti” froom Iecava (Bauska district) and festivities will be finished by Julgī Stalte and Ēriks Zeps with ethnofolk band “Tā kā pērn”. On the stage next to West gate play of Voldemārs Sauleskalns “Meldermeitiņa” will be performed by Sabile amateur theater.

Till June 4th exhibition “Croquettes in Latvian ethnography” will be on display in the exhibition hall.

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