On September 30th we invite you to autumn harvest celebration with harvest market and a wide culture program.30.09.202310:00 — 17:00

On September 30th this year from 10.00 till 17.00 Autumn equinox - Michaelmas will be celebrated. We invite you for the Michaelmas fair, autumn harvest soup and most diverse activities for big and small ones at the Latgale village, Vidzeme farmstead and Kurzeme farmstead.


In Latgale village participants from Latgale with moto “Latgalians come to Riga” will be present. Latgalian market and Latgalian kitchen, activities and dances, masterclass of Latgalian craftsmen and Latgalian books. Masterclasses will be led by wood crafter Jānis Spuriņš, potters Pauliņi, smith Valērija ands craftsmen of Višķi village under the guidance of Valdis Grebežs. All family will have a chance to be creative in making svilpaunieki, braiding and workshop of wooden games.

In Latgalian kitchen one will be able to taste delicious porridges and other foods from the self-made production of the farm “Kotiņi”. “Latgolys golds” will offer tasting smoked meat from Latgalian black bathhouse, there will be “Mūsu pankūkas” from from Rēzekne as well. Latgalian music will be played the whole day long and dances with ensamble “Augusti”, “Līvenhofas muzikanti” and folk-dance group “Silaviņa”. Activities will be led by Oskars Bērziņš. There will be competitions with a chance to gain craft products as a price, as well as fast course in Latgalian langauge.

Vidzeme homestead will host creative workshops for kids “transformation of chestnuts and acorns” and “creating clay pretzels” with potter Mārtiņš Kabucis, play of travelling puppet theatre “Maska” from Liepāja “Adventures of Kliņķītis or how did a dwarf find a friend.” It will be followed by songs and games with folklore bands “Oglīte” from Zaķumuiža, program “Rudzu tīrums” of folklore bands “Tīrums” and “Mantojums” exhibition of craft products made by Sigulda folklore band “Senleja” and singing together, but in the final performances from finno-ugric guests of the Riga Latvian union, Udmurt harmonica master Pāvel Kutergin, Mari musician Annu Makejev and Estonian Kannel-player Eva Väljaots.

In Smithy of Mērsrags demonstrations of smith Artūrs Purviņš.

On the square of Vidzeme homestead exciting activities will be hosted within project Interreg Europe in cooperation with Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development.

In Kurzeme homestead chicken and ducks will be visible.

In museum exhibition hall guided tour of the exhibition “Strings of Soul” will take place under the author Rozīte Katrīna Ponne.


Last update 25.09.2023