Exhibition "Crochets in Latvian Ethnoghraphy"08.03.2023 — 04.06.202310:00 — 17:00

This year On March 7th, the exhibition hall of the Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum opens the exhibition “Crochets in Latvian Ethnoghraphy”. The exhibition is composed of materials from the museum stock. The author of the study and exhibition is the head of the Ethnography department at the Latvian Ethnoghraphic open-air museum dr. hist. Aija Jansone.

Crochet is a handcraft technique that gradually becomes known in the modern day Latvian territory through cities, manors and churches at the end of the 19th century. This is a time of change of the socio - economic formations, connections between the cities and the countryside, which also encouraged farmers ti dress and make their households in line with the requirements of the era. 

Croquet is arelatively new handcraft technique, in the early 19th century it was particualary popular in France, England and Germany, it reached Sweden only by the mid 19th century, but Latvia was reached by it only a few decades later in the late 19th century.

The exhibition "Crochets in Latvian Etnography" of the Ethnographic open-air museum of Latvia displays the raw material of croquets, crochet needles, training methodology, as well as a wide range of finished elements, by highliting room and bed textiles decorated by crochets.

Exhibition will be opened till June 4th. Exhibition hall is opened from Wednesday till Sunday.

Last update 25.05.2023