Koke exhibition "Strings of Soul"

In the light of the 150th anniversary of Song and Dance festival tradition, the exhibition of Kokle "Strings of Soul" will be seen at the Ethnographic open-air museum of Latvia from June 29th. Kokle is the most sung-about folk music instrument in Latvian folk songs. Exhibition is dedicated to the development of kokle as an instrument in Latvian territory from 19th to 20th centuries, by researching it's place first of all in the Latvian farmstead, then in the light of the 20th century traditions and in the finish kokle development trends in the present era. The thoughts and opinions of kokle-players will be seen as well, about kokle not just a music instrument, but a symbol of Latvian nation.

For the first time the wider audience will be able to see the world biggest kokle - dižkokle. It's created by the master Eduards Krauksts in 1947, it has just arrived to the museum with more then 10 instruments created by the master. Next to them kokles from all the regions of Latvia will be seen, including kokles of the well known grand-masters Jānis Poriķis and Pēteris Korāts, and also lesser known Latvian masters. During the exhibition "Strings of soul" different events and kokle-play master classes. Follow the information at our homepage and social networks.

The author of the exhibition is the head of Department of Information and Education Mg. art. Rozīte Katrīna Spīča. 


Pēdējoreiz atjaunināts:27.06.2023