Museum centenary celebration at the Riga Latvian Society House

100 years have passed from the important moment when in February 2nd 1924, after the initiative of architect Pauls Kundziņš the Monument Board made the decition to found the Open-air Museum. At that time, in the brand new country of Latvia, where the war had only recently ended, there were intelligent and smart people who understood the importance of cultural heritage, that it was necessary to preserve for future generations the evidence of the way of life of the peasants, which undoubtedly passed along with the development of the new country. A sense of the historical reality of where we come from must be created Pauls Kundziņš wrote in the "Guide to the Open Nature Museum":

"The Open-air Museum wants to organize the cultural artefacts of our nation in such a connection and organic combination as they were created and used in past times, - to store the visible content of ancient life in a single view, which is contained in the buildings, their surroundings and in arrangement, interior design of premises, household and work accessories"

During the event of celebrating our centenary badges of honour were given to long-working museum employees.

Pēdējoreiz atjaunināts:07.02.2024