SUMMER SOLSTICE in “Vītolnieki” (Rucava district)21.06.2020 — 22.06.202017:00 — 00:00

In the fisherman-farmer’s house “Vītolnieki” in Ķoņu village of Pape, Rucava Municipality, old midsummer night traditions are preserved during summer solstice: wreath twining, sun farewell ritual at the sea shore, fire ritual and dancing, as well as singing while waiting for the sunrise. While waiting for and welcoming the shortest night, guests will be welcome to take part in the torchlight procession and a feast at the longest table in Pape! The event is organized in cooperation with Rucava Traditional Culture Centre.

As the number of participants is currently limited, registration for the event is mandatory. More information by calling: 29262283 or writing to Please turn on Javascript to see email address! .

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